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Fall Fitness Challenge: Stepping Up Your Game

Fall is the perfect time to ramp up your fitness routine.

Fall is the perfect time to ramp up your fitness routine. Serge Bertasius Photography

There’s no better time to focus on increasing our fitness than fall. By late September, the average temperature is ideal for a stepped-up outdoor training regime. Most important, our energy levels and overall wellbeing are at their peak. We’ve been nourished all summer long by the rich supply of vitamins and minerals found in locally grown fruits and vegetables. Summer sunshine has brightened our mood and built up our reserves vitamin D. As a result, we’re brimming with the zest and vigor we need to stretch ourselves beyond our usual limits.

Getting into Your Exercise Groove by Getting into Nature

To make the pursuit of your new fitness goals more enjoyable, feast your senses on autumn’s splendor when you exercise. Run or bike under a golden canopy of leaves. Hike toward a breathtaking view with the forest floor crackling underfoot. Let the crisp, energizing weather set your pace as you row on a tranquil lake or kayak in the ocean’s rolling waves. As nature casts its spell, your awareness of physical exertion will diminish. Your body will feel lighter and more alive. As the stress-reducing brain chemicals released by exercise enhance these effects, you’ll fall into a steady rhythm that enables you to push yourself harder and keep going longer. The sense of vitality and expanded potential that comes from this marriage of nature and exercise will reinforce your commitment to your workout program.

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