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Organic Skincare for Sensitive Skin Part 3: Three Top Troublemakers

Parabens, petrolatum, and propylene glycol are the cosmetic industry’s three favorite synthetic additives. From skin cleaners and moisturizers to shampoos, sunscreens, makeup, deodorants, and shaving cream, virtually every beauty and personal care item in your local drugstore contains one or more these substances. In fact you’ll find all three on the label of almost every brand of baby lotion you can buy. That might be enough to reassure most consumers—but do evidence-based studies on these ingredients unanimously confirm their safety and effectiveness?

As it turns out, researchers at an organization specializing in environmental safety have challenged the widespread belief that parabens, petrolatum, and propylene glycol are harmless and even good for your skin. According to the database compiled by the Environmental Working Group, the potential health hazards of these ingredients extend far beyond their tendency to cause allergies and dermatitis. Let’s look at what EWG research reports have to say about each one.

Petrolatum jelly: Researcher classified this widely used moisturizer as a possible cancer risk and raised concerns about potential organ damage and the presence of toxic contaminants.

Parabens: This popular synthetic preservative may interfere with hormonal balance and has been found in the breast cancer tumors of 19 of 20 women studied. Approximately 250,000 beauty and personal care products contain parabens!

Propylene glycol: Evidence from animal studies suggests moderate doses of this petroleum derivative may cause widespread organ toxicity. Emerging concerns include potential damage to natural ecosystems.
In addition its use as a wetting agent in personal care products, propylene glycol is an ingredient often found in antifreeze—does that sound like anything you’d want put on your skin?

You can avoid all these health risks by maintaining an all-natural skin care regime. Every Orginal Formula product—from my daily cleanser, to my weekly exfoliating mask —in the Lavie Organique™ skin care system contains only certified organic and natural plant-derived ingredients. The complete line provides a total solution to the risk of skin and other health problems from exposure to synthetic additives.

In my concluding comments on sensitive skin, you’ll find out why safer and gentler natural alternatives to synthetic moisturizing and anti-agents can also deliver superior results.

Organic Hop Extract and Skin Health

If you’re skeptical about the effectiveness of natural plant-based treatments, the latest research findings on traditional herbal remedies may surprise you. Hops are a case in point. Several recent discoveries strongly support folk healers’ intuitive knowledge of this tiny fruit’s many beneficial effects on the skin. For instance, we now know why hops help heal bedsores and other skin infections. As it turns out, the hop plant is rich in several compounds that make it an excellent cleanser and antiseptic.

In addition to two potent antibacterials, hops contain anti-inflammatory tannins as well as natural plant estrogens that promote hormonal balance. Hops are also a source of asparagine, a natural diuretic that helps flush out toxins and excess fluids. Other studies confirm the sedative antispasmodic properties of hops. In combination, these findings add up to convincing evidence that hops can help protect, soothe, and revitalize our skin.

The certified organic hop extract in my LaVie Organique product line is one of the many safe and effective natural ingredients in my personal formula for balanced skin care:

Intuitive Old World wisdom + next-generation science = an intelligent approach to health and beauty.